Vintage Nostalgia

This event has grown in popularity over the years, but for some reason not with our members and I cannot understand why? It is not just cars in a field, it’s much more than that, there is so much going on entertainment-wise throughout the day. Also, there are so many outlets selling vintage clothes and all manner of other products to keep the ladies occupied. Everyone attending is encouraged to dress in period costumes and the ladies can even have their hair done in 40’s, 50’s, or  60’s fashion. You can even learn to dance in the 60’s ‘Rock & Roll’ and there are also groups playing music all day and into the night if you are staying over.

I have booked a Club Stand and I will have a word with the organisers, as last year the message was not passed onto the marshals and we parked in amongst everyone else.

June 3, 2023 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Stockton Park, Stockton, Wiltshire. The nearest postcode for the satnav is BA12-0SQ